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Macrotendencias de ahora en adelante

Actualizado: 13 dic 2023

Connectivity and access to information are decisive in the global today’s environment.

There are no doubt new technologies have driven a transformation allowing what is called Industry 4.0 or the Fourth Industrial Revolution, so we have gone through from an industrial economy to the knowledge economy. Among other conceptions, this also means we have moved on from a business environment based on energy sources to a model based on knowledge information.

Knowledge is the key to efficiency and competitiveness.

Given that, three transversal macrotrends are identified will affects all industries from now on: sustainability, immersion, and decentralization. Let’s expand on this below.

In the first place, sustainability is not just a concept. It must be integrated into the center of business strategies on a permanent basis. Technology can help boost business sustainability by offering solutions optimizing supply chains, remote communications, or cloud computing. On the other hand, we call immersivity to refers the improvement of virtual experiences by erasing barriers between virtual and reality. And finally, decentralization makes mention to the search for the democratization of powers, returning them to the user.

Those three transversal macrotrends will be possible thanks to Artificial Intelligence (the brain), Blockchain (high-trust computing) and 5G (robust connection ecosystem) integrated and developed jointly. We must thing of them as a team rather than separate ideas because this triad will impact on the future around the globe.

We are just in the beginning of a valuable mutation in the way the world works and live. Let’s work on this together.

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